Ideas On How To impress all girlfriends in Grand Thieves Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Model

Ideas On How To impress all girlfriends in Grand Thieves Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Model

GTA happens to be a dating sim.

Perhaps one of the most known aspects in GTA San Andreas is actually their unique ability where you could have actually girlfriends and inspire all of them.

You can find six possible girlfriends to date, each of them with the own unique prerequisites, choices, and benefits.

Because improve your connection together, could gain access to unique incentives that can assist you during certain scenarios in the online game. For that reason, it’s best to wow every one of them to achieve all incentives.

Just how to delight


All girlfriends will date you when you yourself have amassed all 50 Oysters. Usually, you need to meet their own passions to start out online dating them.

  • Barbara: higher excess fat amount or maxed intercourse attraction.
  • Denise: Start the purpose Burning Up Need.
  • Helena: Low fat levels, low muscles level, and higher sex charm.
  • Katie: highest muscles levels and higher gender attraction.
  • Michelle: excess fat degree over 50 % and highest sex appeal, or a maxed sex attraction.
  • Millie: Begin the answer to Their Cardio Mission.


Each sweetheart have various preferences for various strategies. This number outlines the essential guides to check out for each and every girlfriend and type of go out. You will need to remember that for virtually any sweetheart, a 5 percent bonus is included with the connection affirmation every time they ask Carl in for coffee-and he approves.

  • Barbara
    • Opportunity: readily available for dates involving the time of 00:00 to 06:00 and 14:00 to 20:00.
    • Delicacies: would rather go to diners. The closest you’re Jay’s Diner, and that is for the far northwestern part of the map, simply outside of the town of Bayside.
    • Dancing: The nearest nightclub will be the Camel’s toe-in Las Venturas. Carl will have to have a dancing score with a minimum of 3000 to impress Barbara.
    • Driving: would rather ride at the same rate of typical site visitors. She enjoys riding around El Quebrados.
    • Java: begins asking Carl in for Java at a 60percent partnership affirmation.
  • Denise
    • Opportunity: readily available for dates between your hrs of 16:00 and 06:00.
    • Delicacies: Prefers to choose fast-food diners or bars, and dislikes diners. The Ten Green containers club is just a block from the woman homes.
    • Dancing: The nearest club is Alhambra in Idlewood, which is close to the middle of Los Santos. Alhambra also works as a dinner go out, because it possess a bar.
    • Travel: won’t have a best driving increase. She enjoys operating around in her location, and dislikes driving in rural avenues or pricey areas.
    • Special day: Denise likes to manage drive-by shootings at competing gangs from inside the city. This functions as an alternative date choice for the some other schedules, however it operates in the same way as a Driving big date.
    • Coffees: initiate inquiring Carl set for Java around 40% connection acceptance.
  • Katie
    • Energy: designed | Best Tranny Websites … for times between your hours of 12:00 and 00:00.
    • Ingredients: Prefers to choose diners, and dislikes fast-food. The closest diner are at the Gant link guest heart in Paradiso, which will be inside the northwestern area of San Fierro.
    • Dancing: The closest dance club to her is Gaydar place in Queens, regarding middle-west side of San Fierro.
    • Driving: Favors moderate rates. She likes driving around shorelines plus Chinatown.
    • Coffee: begins asking Carl in for Coffees at a 52per cent partnership endorsement.
  • Michelle
    • Time: Available for dates amongst the several hours of 00:00 and 12:00.
    • Foods: Prefers to go to taverns. The closest bar to the girl are Misty’s, and that’s in Garcia, from the east side of San Fierro.
    • Dance: The closest a person to her is actually Gaydar Station in Queens, around the heart of San Fierro.
    • Driving: Choose fast rates. She would rather ride in Doherty or Garcia and will not fancy operating in Queens or Chinatown.
    • Unique big date: provides Carl on an experience for about 2-3 hours on her Special day. The only method to make this time not successful is to set the auto while the woman is operating.
    • Java: begin inquiring Carl set for Coffee around 40percent commitment affirmation.
  • Millie
    • Energy: Available for schedules involving the several hours of 12:00 and 22:00.
    • Items: likes higher-end diners and taverns. The closest destination to go could be the Steakhouse near the woman house.
    • Dance: The closest pub to their are east for the Camel’s bottom, the casino into the southeastern area of Las Venturas.
    • Driving: choose a normal speeds, but doesn’t posses a strict affirmation range. She prefers to drive from inside the local around the girl household.
    • Unique big date: should you decide arrive at Millie’s household wear the gimp suit, Carl will submit and it will immediately have success. This is the fastest and easiest way to gain union affirmation with Millie.
    • Java: begins asking Carl set for Coffees at around 40% partnership Approval.

That’s all to know about how to wow each sweetheart in GTA San Andreas!

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